by HdX
Server hosted by Pyro @ StealthBot.net
Current Statistics
JBLS Connections: 443884
Connection Information
Client / Check Type # of Connections Version Byte
STAR Keys0-
D2/WAR2 Keys1203-
WAR3 Keys2187-
STAR Checks796290xD3
W2BN Checks147220x4F
D2DV Checks33560x0E
D2XP Checks13270x0E
JSTR Checks10xA9
W3XP Checks225340x1D
DRTL Checks4780x2A
Additional Information
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This server requires a valid account to use: false
Build V3.1 Bug Fixes, SQL Stats tracking. (10-14-07)

News & Updates
4/10/2018Updated WAR3 and W3XP to version 1.29.
6/20/2017Updated WAR3 and W3XP to version 1.28.3.
5/9/2017Updated WAR3 and W3XP to version 1.28.2.
4/27/2017Updated WAR3 and W3XP to version 1.28.1.
4/23/2017Downgraded STAR and SEXP to prevent IP bans.
4/22/2017Updated STAR and SEXP to version 1.18.
4/22/2017Minor fixes to version check handling.
4/5/2017Updated WAR3 and W3XP to version 1.28
12/13/2016Updated WAR3 and W3XP to version 1.27b
6/7/2016Updated D2DV and D2XP to version 1.14d